“Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co. was formed in 1969 in Ithaca, NY as an ensemble dedicated to performing music not heard in the Ithaca area. We performed pieces by Robert Ashley, John Cage, Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Steve Reich and others. Most of those composers were unknown then. We were the first group to play music of Philip Glass outside his own ensemble. In less than a year, through our friendship with Robert Moog, we developed into a live synthesizer ensemble, proabably the first one in the world. Steve Drews, Linda Fisher and I composed and performed our own pieces for an RMI Electric Piano (our only polyphonic instrument), three modular Moogs and two MiniMoogs including the prototype which is now on display at the Audities Foundation at the Chinook Keyboard Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada."  –Mother Mallard

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