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Afropop Worldwide invited New York-based artists from Africa and the diaspora to their Brooklyn office for a live broadcast on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

In case you missed it, here is the full six-hour broadcast which featured interviews with singer and keyboardist Jean Gnonlonfoun of Beninois band Jomion and the Uklos; urban dancer, teacher and choreographer Kim D. Holmes from New York; bandleader and percussionist Courtnee Roze from New York; and bandleader, singer and composer Nkumu Katalay from Congo. In the first half of the show, Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar, Afropop writer, producer and DJ from duo Eko’ fo Show, set the tone with music from Afropop’s in-house record collection and producer Morgan Greenstreet interviewed our director of new media, Akornefa Akyea, for a throwback discussion on Ghanaian hiplife music. Enjoy music and voices from Brooklyn, the place Afropop has called home for over 20 years.

Guest mix from otodojo. Originally broadcast from Ithaca, NY.

Track list: 1. Country Stream - No Artist [Syntonic Research Inc.] 2. Kaiso - Kitaro [Polydor] 3. Remote View (Part I) – Natan H [Acid Camp] 4. Temples And Mothership – BLNDR [Natch Records] 5. Wood-Masted Sailboat – No Artist [Syntonic Research Inc.] 6. Lucidity – You’re Me [1080p] 7. Floating Through Time - otodojo [Ithaca Underground] 8. Yavin 4 (Ambient Mix) – Luigi Tozzi [Hypnus] 9. Ascending – Iori [Field Records] 10. Ponte Ologrammi – Dorian Gray 11. Gunma Forest (The Ride Mix) – Mike Parker 12. Ibrida – Voices From The Lake [Spazio Disponibile] 13. Library Of Babel – r2π [Midgar] 14. Midi-Chlorian – Tozzy [Hypnus] 15. Valve – Wata Igarashi 16. Yavin 4 – Luigi Tozzi [Hypnus] 17. Midnight Train – Michal Wolski [Blank Slate] 18. Sayz – Chanski [Monday Off] 19. Aurora – Orphx [Khemia Records] 20. Sliotar (Silent Servant Remix) – Edit Select 21. Cavern – otodojo [unreleased] 22. Holographic – Jamaica Suk [L.A.G.] 23. She Rises Up - Steve Stoll [New York Trax] 24. Quadre Nove - Donato Dozzy [The Bunker] 25. Indifferent Sight (Terence Fixmer remix) - Giorgio Gigli [M_Rec Ltd] 26. Silent Quest (Hydrangea remix) – BLNDR [Natch Records] 27. Expressway – Simic [Acid Camp] 28. Dearly Beloved – Yoko Shimomura [Square Enix]

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Daniel Campoverde (mnmlktchn), Marite (Off The Record NY), & Anderson Musik (Wex) at Rebecca’s. Presented by Off The Record and Radial Gallery –> originally broadcast July 28 on

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Guest mix from Kamal Naeem of Blank Slate broadcast live from Ithaca, NY

איציק קלה והכוכבים, Haja El Hamdaouia,Cheikh Fethi, Boutaïba Sghir & Ensemble Bellemou, and more

Colonel Abrams, Azymuth, Joint Movement Project, Jovonn, and more

Theo Parrish, Mike Huckaby, Purple Velvet, Qness, Oluhle, Ron Trent, and more

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Virna Lindt, Suzanne Ciani, Kornel Kovacs, and more

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